Webinar: Native Landscaping with Hungry Deer

April 5th at 2pm

During this panel discussion moderated by Jean Ponzi, learn about a range of tactics and tools to help with establishing and maintaining a native landscapes in areas with heavy deer populations.

The Panelists:

Erin will highlight deer behavior and biology to explain why deer can become such a nuisance in the garden, and why some damage control techniques work better than others.

A bit about Erin: She's an urban wildlife biologist with Missouri Dept of Conservation, where she works on a variety of wildlife-related projects, habitat reconstruction to nuisance wildlife response. 

Garry Guinn, Humane Wildlife Solutions LLC

Garry will share a variety of tips and limitations to working with hungry deer. His approach is to address the root causes of conflict with wildlife in a way that is both humane and truly effective long term.

A bit about Garry: He is the founder of Humane Wildlife Solutions LLC,  a local company that seeks to provide long-term, comprehensive solutions for wildlife issues and concerns. Humane Wildlife Solutions LLC provides services for businesses and residents in the St. Louis region and surrounding areas. He has trained with the Humane Society of the United States, the Wildlife Rescue Center in Ballwin, Missouri, GeesePeace St. Louis and many other wildlife related entities. 

Betty Struckhoff, Wild Ones St. Louis

Sharing her suburban yard with deer for almost 40 years, Betty has lists of plants they avoid and those that are deer candy. Also, ideas on repellents, barriers and recent experiments with “repellent” plants.

A bit about Betty: She grew up running through woodland wildflowers on a farm in Missouri. For over 20 years, she has been a St. Louis Master Gardener and an active member of St. Louis Wild Ones. She makes presentations on native landscaping for both organizations. Her yard is certified Platinum in the Bring Conservation Home program. She also helps maintain native plantings at the National Museum of Transportation.