Partners for Native Landscaping 

2023 Spring Series

March 7th - April 30th

The 2023 series has three parts:

Part 1: Webinar Series with St. Louis County Library

March 7th at 7pm

Keynote: Birds, Bees, Flowers & Trees

Desiree L. Narango, Ph.D.

Conservation Scientist, Vermont Center for Ecostudies

Learn from a nationally renowned conservation biologist why the plants you choose for your yard matter for wildlife conservation. Dr. Desiree Narango will share the amazing interactions between native plants and wildlife and the biodiversity that you can attract to your own yard.

March 8th at 2pm

Homegrown National Park is Growing HERE!

Jean Ponzi, EarthWays Center of Missouri Botanical Garden

Whether our place has pots on the patio or rolling acres, each of us can contribute to the vital movement to restore biodiverse habitat. Local habitat is proliferating, in concert with the national program Homegrown National Park. Native plant advocate and practitioner "Green Jean" Ponzi, from the Missouri Botanical Garden, details what this landscape transformation means, offers, and is growing on sites across our region - and how YOU can join this movement.

March 14th at 7pm 

Container Gardening with Native Plants

Mervin Wallace, Missouri Wildflowers Nursery

While many folks grow annual bedding plants outside in containers, and there are many articles about that topic to be found in gardening magazines, this presentation will focus on using native perennials in containers. Topics covered will include choosing plants, potting soil, mulch, fertilizer, watering, and winter care. Included will be growing emergent water plants in containers that hold water. We will also look at how some plants have held up over time. A list, including helpful information and comments about plants that have worked in pots, will be available.

March 15th at 2pm

Transforming a Yard from Invasives to Natives

Carrie Coyne - St. Louis Community College

When Carrie moved into her home, the yard was choked with invasive plants. With a plan and determination, she and her husband transformed their St. Louis County property into an oasis of native plants. Learn how they did it, and how you can too. Topics will include the existing conditions when they moved in, their desires for change, the planning process, the grant process, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

March 21st at 7pm

Rainscaping Solutions 

Allison Joyce, EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden’s and Roland Biehl, MSD Project Clear

Rainscaping utilizes native plants to allow rainwater to soak in where it falls.  Learn about sustainable landscaping practices that are good for rainscaping and the benefits of native plants.  Learn about resources, funding opportunities, and success tips to enhance your landscape with rainscaping.

March 22nd at 2pm

How Native Landscaping Makes a Difference

Dr. Gerardo Camilo, Billiken Bee Lab at St. Louis University

Dr. Gerardo Camilo from St. Louis University will present his lab’s research investigating birds, bees and mosquitoes in native plant gardens enrolled in St. Louis Audubon Society’s Bring Conservation Home program. 

more about Dr. Camilo and the presentation

March 28th at 7pm

Our Garden is for the Birds!

Margy Terpstra, St. Louis Audubon Society’s Bring Conservation Home Program

When we take care of birds, we help heal our local ecosystems for many species that are in trouble, including bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects. Learn about the status of our native birds, both resident and migratory, and what they need to thrive. Resources and practical tips will be shared to help you take steps in adding keystone native plants and simple water features to your gardens, making them attractive to birds and to neighbors!

March 29th at 2pm

Shade Gardening with Native Plants - It's a Shady Business

Erin Goss, Wallflower Design/Bring Conservation Home & Susie Van de Riet, St. Louis Native Plants

Gardening in the shade can seem like a daunting prospect, but when approached mindfully can offer a bright and beautiful oasis in a sea of darkness. In this talk we'll walk through the process of planting a native shade garden from beginning to end: How does one determine the light conditions of a space? What types of wildlife will be attracted by a shade garden? What are some tried and truly stunning shade plant combinations? Lastly, are there best practices for maintaining the garden once it's installed?  We'll dive into these questions (and more!) and offer an outline for creating and caring for your very own native shade garden. 

April 4th at 7pm

Understanding Native Trees and Shrubs

James Faupel, Litzsinger Road Ecology Center

Planting any tree or shrub can seem very easy at first, but a lot of time and forethought should be given to know how to care for and understand your plants' long-term needs. This presentation will cover what considerations to look for when selecting a woody native plant for your site; details on understanding their biology, lifecycles, native habitat/soil needs, reproduction and cultivation; and the basics of planting, pruning, and other long-term care of your woody plants.

April 5th at 2pm

Native Landscaping with Hungry Deer

Moderator: Jean Ponzi


Garry Guinn, Humane Wildlife Solutions 

Erin Shank, Missouri Department of Conservation

Betty Struckhoff, Wild Ones St. Louis 

During this panel discussion, learn about a range of tactics and tools to help with establishing and maintaining a native landscapes in areas with heavy deer populations.

More about the panelists

Part 2: In-Person Workshop & Plant Sale

April 15th 8am to 1pm 

Hosted by Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center

FREE with Registration

Part 3: Native Plant Fair 

April 30th 9am - 2pm

Hosted by Beyond Housing 

FREE with Registration

A special thanks to the Missouri Department of Conservation as the sustaining sponsor for the Partners for Native Landscaping Series