Naturescaping for You 2022

Partners for Native Landscaping

Spring Series

Webinar Series with

St. Louis County Library

March 10th at 3pm

Keynote: Let It Be An Oak

Doug Tallamy​

Once we have decided to restore the ecological integrity of our suburban neighborhoods, we need to decide what plants to add to our properties. Oaks are superior trees for suburban restoration projects because of their many ecological and aesthetic attributes. Tallamy will compare oak species to other popular shade trees in terms of their ability to support animal diversity, protect watersheds, sequester carbon dioxide, and restore lost plant communities.

March 15th at 2pm

A 3-Year Suburban Landscape Makeover

Dave Tylka, Co-Founder of STL Audubon's Bring Conservation Home Program

The native landscaping book author moved into STL County 3 years ago. He will explain the approach, process and results of transforming his typical suburban home landscape with non-natives (bush honeysuckle, etc.) into biodiverse prairie, glade and forest habitat beds.

March 16th at 7pm

Life in the Soil

Jerry Pence, St. Louis Community College

Before you plant…know what is going on under the ground! Knowing your soil can play a big role in helping you select the proper plants and have great success with them. Join us for a look at life in the soil and how you can give your plants their best chance for success!

March 22nd at 2pm

Native Plant Gardens Bring Pollinators

Nina Fogel and Jenny Mullikin, Billiken Bee Lab at Saint Louis University

If you build it, will they come? The short answer is yes! We will give an overview of how native plants enhance pollinator diversity and abundance in urban gardens.

March 23rd at 7pm

Investing in Native Trees and Shrubs

Meridith McAvoy Perkins, Forest ReLeaf of Missouri

Trees and shrubs live for decades, so when you plant one in your yard you want to be confident you get it right. We'll explore native species that support common landscape goals, how to plant for success, and provide stewardship tips to keep your trees growing strong.

March 29th at 2pm

Garden Maintenance for Wildlife: A New Way to Garden

Scott Woodbury, Shaw Nature Reserve

How do you maximize plant and wildlife diversity in your yard and still have time to enjoy it? Learn about different landscape styles and the latest maintenance practices that promote pollinators and song birds.

March 30th at 7pm

Rainscaping with Native Plants

Allison Joyce and Cody Hayo

Learn rain garden and rainscaping basics like deciding on a proper site, size, design, construction and maintenance with help from the Missouri Botanical Garden Rainscaping Guide. Also briefly learn about funding opportunities such as the MSD Rainscaping Small Grants Program.

April 5th at 2pm

Homegrown National Park

Jean Ponzi, EarthWays Center of Missouri Botanical Garden

What if we could feel as Nature-rich in our yards and community spaces as in our great public parks? By growing a relationship with Native Plants, we can! Homegrown National Park is a movement ready to welcome you!

April 6th at 7pm

Gardening for Backyard Wildlife

Erin Shank, Missouri Department of Conservation

Small yards in urban and suburban environments can offer important habitats for wildlife from neotropical migratory songbirds to subterranean invertebrates. Learn who might consider your yard “home” and how to support biodiversity in your own backyard.

April 10th Native Plant Fair

Hosted by Beyond Housing